Treatment Price
Functional diagnostics (40 min) 50zł
Therapy* (x1) 80zł
Therapy (x10) 680zł
Therapy (x10) + 1 treatment physiotherapy (x10) 770zł
Therapy (x10) + 2treatments of physiotherapy (x10) 870zł
Therapy (x10) + 3 treatments of physiotherapy (x10) 960zł
Massage (40 min) 80zł
Kinesiotaping (including diagnostic 30min) 40zł
Home visit 90zł


Treatment Price
Ultrasound 11zł
Laser 11zł
Electrotherapy 11zł
Sollux 11zł
The magnetic field 11zł
The package of 10 treatments 100zł
The package of 20 treatments 190zł
The package of 30 treatments 280zł
The package of 40 treatments 340zł
The package of 50 treatments 400zł
* Manual therapy + individual exercises

Before the visit, please call:
+ 48 507 599 716.