Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. You will find in them the main information regarding our facility and services provided by us.

What's the easiest way to contact you?

We are available on the following numbers: 507 599 716 (main number) 608 402 376 (Thomas), 504 892 906 (Wojciech) 693 730 353 (Gregory), or e-mail address rehab.gdansk@gmail.com. We usually answer on the same day! It’s also possible to book your appointment this way. International patients, please enter the country code 0048 before dialling from a country outside of Poland.

Do you offer home rehabilitation?

Yes, we offer rehabilitation at home.

What should I bring to the first visit?

Comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement, indoor shoes and a large towel. You will also need medical documentation. If you will have electrotherapy, please bring elastic bandage and 2 x m2 gauze and ointment prescribed by the doctor if you will be undergoing surgery iontophoresis or phonophoresis.

Do you have your treatment in the framework of the National Health Fund?

We are a private institution and we provide consultations in the private sector. If the situation changes, our website will be updated with the new information. Until then, take a look at our affordable prices (See Prices)

How long should I wait for the appointment?

If necessary, we will usually be able to see you within the same week in which you call us. In emergency situations (eg. Kinesiotaping before the competition), we can arrange an appointment for you on the same day.

How can I be sure that I am under the care of professionals?

Our therapists are trained professionals in their field. Proof of this can be their certificates of graduating after completing degrees in physiotherapy from reputable universities such as the Medical University of Gdansk, Bydgoszcz Medical College and University of Physical Education in Gdansk. In addition, our team attend annual training courses to continue their professional development, meaning that we can provide you with the highest level of service possible!
What types of physical therapy you have to offer?
We offer laser treatments, electrotherapy (TENS, diadynamic, iontophoresis, electrical stimulation, interference currents), magneto lamps sollux and ultrasound.

Before the visit, please call:
+ 48 507 599 716.