A few words about us

When should I visit you ?

  • In case of acute or permanent back pain.
  • In case of acute or permanetnt sciatica, femoral nerve inflamination.
  • Afert bone fractures & sprained joints.
  • After ligament lesions.
  • In case of permanent joint pain eg. Osteoarthritis.
  • In case of peripherial neuropathies such as carpal tunnel syndorme, thoracic outlet syndrome.
  • After surgery such as ligament reconstruction.

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What we do

We help with acute and chronic pain, we help patients with orthopedic and rheumatic problems, as well as the people after strokes and with any neurological problems and older people to regain skills and independence.

Work smart

We have a twenty-first century, many of us work in a sitting position, without interruption, without a care for our body. We advise how to adapt the workplace in accordance with the principles of ergonomics.

Our mission

We believe that anyone can live without pain, regardless of a history of trauma or defect current attitude.


If you or your loved one has suffered injury, postoperative rehabilitation needs or is forced to correct posture contact us.


It is important to prevent defects attitudes, if you run a sedentary lifestyle, hoist heavy objects, and feel that begins to reflect negatively on your health, please contact us.


We are happy to advise anyone who wonders what to do and where to go with the problem of motion.


Before the visit, please call:
+ 48 507 599 716.